Congratulations! You’ve had a baby!

To support your journey and this next beautiful chapter of your life, we’ve found some wonderful Central Coast baby classes and activities you can do with your bub – from the newborn stage to when they start walking. And, importantly, we’ve included a heap of postnatal services that will be there to help you celebrate the exciting times and support you in those more challenging moments.

This feature includes everything from lactation consultants and pelvic-floor physios to baby classes and parks with play equipment best suited to bubs, so we recommend you bookmark this article to revisit it again and again!

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Central Coast Postnatal Support Services and Exercise Classes

Alara Women’s Health pregnancy and postnatal services, Tuggerah & Holgate

Alara Women’s Health (aka Central Coast Physiolates) is a team of specialist, female health and well-being practitioners who work closely with each other to help their clients be in optimal health. The team includes physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and pilates instructors, plus massage therapists who specialise in pregnancy and post-natal massage, a midwife (who runs birth preparation classes and is a lactation consultant) and an acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner (with a special interest in IVF support, fertility and pregnancy care). Below is a snippet of the services Alara Women’s Health offers: please check their website for full details.

Physiotherapy: Alara Women’s Health (most often called Central Coast Physiolates) prides itself on “Leading the way in women’s pelvic health on the Central Coast”. Their team of physios help women in all stages of life from menarche through to motherhood and menopause.  Some common (but not normal) things Alara Women’s Health Physios help within the motherhood space are issues with bladder leakage, organ prolapse, poor bowel control, sexual pain, general back and neck pain, rehabilitation after birth and return-to-sport support. They recommend (and so do us mums at Playing in Puddles) that every woman do a postnatal assessment post-birth at 4-6 weeks (whether you had a caesarean or vaginal delivery). This initial assessment includes an abdominal assessment, pelvic floor assessment, postural and muscle imbalances, a review of scars or tears and a postnatal depression and well-being assessment.

Physiolates and pilates classes: Run by Alara’s women’s health physiotherapists or exercise physiologists, the 10-week physio-pilates course focuses on pelvic floor strength, abdominal strength, upper body strength, developing good movement patterns and core connection.  Return-to-sport progression programs are also available. 

Please see the entry below for more details on their services too.

Alara Women’s Health
They have two Central Coast locations. 216 Wattle Tree Road, Holgate | Suit 1, 6 Reliance Drive, Tuggerah.
Phone: 02 4365 5850
Email: [email protected]

Alara Women’s Health paediatrics and midwifery, Tuggerah

Alara Women’s Health (aka Central Coast Physiolates) is a team of specialist, female health and well-being practitioners who work closely with each other to help their clients be in optimal health.

They have two clinics, and at their Tuggerah clinic they offer paediatric services, including:
+ Physiotherapy (for incontinence)
+ Osteopathy
+ Occupational therapy
+ Midwifery
+ Kids pilates for core strength (one-on-one classes).

Physiotherapy: Alara Women’s Health (most often called Central Coast Physiloates) prides itself on “Leading the way in women’s pelvic health on the Central Coast”. Their team of physios are there to help women who experience bladder leakage, organ prolapse, poor bowel control or sexual pain. They recommend (and so do us mums at Playing in Puddles) that every woman do a postnatal assessment post-birth at 4-6 weeks (whether you had a caesarean or vaginal delivery). This initial assessment includes an abdominal assessment, pelvic floor assessment, a review of scars or tears and a postnatal depression and wellbeing assessment.

Osteopathy: Alara Women’s Health’s osteopath Rachel has a special interest and years of experience working with babies, infants, toddlers and children. She says, “Osteopaths provide gentle hands-on treatment to help release physical tension, address movement concerns, promote body symmetry and encourage optimal physical function”.

Occupational therapy: Paediatric occupational therapists (also referred to as OTs) support children and young people to develop independence in their daily activities. Alix Armstrong, Alara’s paediatric OT, says, “You may need to see an OT if your child has difficulties with sensory processing; poor attention and focus; self-help skills; delayed milestone development; difficulties with handwriting; emotion regulation challenges; delayed fine motor skills; challenges with social/play skills; learning difficulties.

Midwifery: Alara’s midwife is Jen, a mother of four and a midwife since 2000. Appointments can be made with Jen to help parents with sleep and settling issues (for babies and children up to 3 years old), colic, breastfeeding support, talking through your birth, or simply reassurance that you’re on the right track. Jen says, “I love to help parents establish good sleep routines, learn settling techniques, recover from the birth experience (both good and tough), commence solids and establish parenting techniques.”

Please see the entry above for more details on their services too.

Alara Women’s Health Paediatrics
Suit 1, 6 Reliance Drive, Tuggerah.
Phone: 02 4365 5850
Email: [email protected]

Little Lives First Aid training course for carers | Erina + across the Central Coast

Would you know what to do if your baby was choking? Could you do CPR on your child? Do you know how to treat a head injury or burn? We’ve found a wonderful local first aid course – run by paramedics and designed specifically for parents – that teaches you how to help and treat your kids, should an accident occur.

The course is called “Little Lives”, and it’s a 2-hour course that covers the first aid skills most needed by parents: CPR for babies and children, head injuries, fevers and febrile convulsions, choking, allergies and anaphylaxis, poisoning, burns, drowning, plus plenty of time for questions.

What sets Little Lives apart is the founders’ and trainers’ expertise and experience: they’re all paramedics and mums. They’ve each worked in emergency services for more than 10 years, hold Diplomas in Paramedical Science and each has their own gorgeous children.

Little Lives runs public courses twice a month at their beautiful training room in Erina. Plus, if you have a bunch of friends or a mothers group who would like to learn together, Little Lives also do private group bookings.

This is a course we recommend EVERY parent do. We’ve never said that before at Playing in Puddles, but honestly, when it comes to caring for the safety and wellbeing of your family, then surely this is the course to do!

Little Lives First Aid
The courses run twice a month (or can be booked privately).
Course Duration: 2 hours.
Cost: $80 per person ($1000 for up to 12 participants for private booking)
Location: Little Lives HQ in Erina. Or at a location suitable for participants eg. a community centre or in your home.
Phone: 1300 502 332
Email: [email protected] 

Playing in Puddles visited. See our feature here.

Impact’s casual creche, Erina

Need some much-needed time out? Did you know that Impact at Erina has a casual creche that can be used by anyone using Impact’s facilities? This includes their on-site cafe Terrigal Whole Food, Impact gym, plus any of the centre’s allied health providers. You can use the creche for 2 hours (provided you stay on-site) while you work, work out, study, relax, eat or even meet your girlfriends for a chat and a coffee! You can use it casually on those days when you need it, or use it regularly to catch up on work and life admin.

The creche is for children aged 6 weeks to 10 years old and it has a designated baby zone complete with age-appropriate toys and activities. The experienced creche staff all have qualifications in childcare, working with children checks and senior first aid qualifications.

We can hand-on-heart personally vouch that Impact’s creche is a truly incredible facility and absolute GOLD for any parent looking for some much-needed “me-time”, work time, or gym time.

See the entry below for more details on Impact Gym too.

Impact creche
Where: Impact Centre, 19 Chetwynd Rd, Erina.
Creche hours: Creche sessions for non-gym members are 8.45am–10.45am and 11am–1pm on weekdays.
Cost: People can pay casually or you can pay direct debit and use it regularly each week for a huge reduction in price. The prices listed here are for non-gym members. For gym members, see the entry below. Casual visits are $15 per visit per child. Weekly direct debit (1 session daily Monday-Friday) $35/week per child. Those paying by direct debit get FREE entry into KidsWorld Stay’n’Play.
More information / Make a booking: Bookings are essential. You can book online, or email Kailah at [email protected] or call 0243676767.

Read more in Playing in Puddles’ full feature here.

Impact Gym, Erina

Impact Gym has a little bit of everything on offer and that’s why we love it. Want to exercise with your baby? Come for their “Mums and Pram” classes. Prefer to exercise without your tot? Take advantage of their fabulous creche which includes a multi-level play maze, a separate baby, toddler, and preschooler area, a sensory play area, AND a fantastic pre-school program that incorporates fine motor skill activities and crafts!

Impact has 90+ classes available each week, a dedicated leg room, plus they boast an outdoor training area for those days when it’s just too stunning to exercise indoors. There’s also a sauna and an on-site cafe that dishes up tasty meals, such as smashed avocado with tomato, feta and pesto, or acai bowls packed with fruit and granola. You’re able to use the creche for two hours, so there’s ample time to work out, take a sauna and grab a bite to eat – all kid free! Bliss!

At Impact they’re keen to get not just your bod in shape but your mind and mood too. On hand to help you out on your journey is a team of coaches, trainers, nutritionists, mental performance coaches and group fitness instructors. We really like their holistic approach to health and fitness, plus Impact’s strong sense of community. We know you will too!

Impact Gym
Where: 19 Chetwynd Road, Erina
Fitness Passport accepted: 
Gym opening hours: 24/7 gym access. Staffed hours are Monday–Thursday 5am–8pm, Friday 5am–7pm, Saturday 7am–3pm, Sunday 9am–12pm.
Creche opening hours: Monday–Friday 8:45am–1pm, Saturday 7.30am–10:45am. There are two sessions per day available.
Gym costs: There are lots of membership options available: see the Impact Gym website for all options.
Creche costs for gym members: You can pay casually or pay by direct debit and use it regularly each week for a huge price reduction. Casual creche visits for gym members and Fitness Passport members are $10 per visit for the 1st child and $5/each additional child. | Direct debit for gym members (one session per day) $20 a week 1st child; $10 a week additional children. Those paying by direct debit get FREE entry into KidsWorld Stay’n’Play.
Phone: 02 4367 6767
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: Impact Gym Erina

Read more in Playing in Puddles’ full feature here. 

VHAB, multiple locations across the Central Coast

Healthy Bumps VHAB (a.k.a. vagina and core rehab) sessions are postnatal exercise classes with a difference! This 6-week outdoor program is run by accredited Exercise Physiologist Alison and gives women (from 6 weeks postpartum) the opportunity to re-build their pelvic floor and core strength as they return to exercise properly and safely.

Alison places a firm focus on the rehabilitation of pelvic floor ligaments and abdominals that have gone through the stress of vaginal childbirth or C-Section. During a series of 40-minute sessions, she will work with you to rebuild strength and confidence while decreasing your chances of incontinence and prolapse later in life.

Here’s why we love this class:

  • It’s an evidence-based program run by accredited university-qualified exercise physiologists.
  • VHAB’s exercise physiologists help you to re-engage and rebuild both your pelvic floor and deep core muscles.
  • It helps reduce long-term complications, such as prolapse and incontinence.
  • They assist with abdominal separation so that you can return to more strenuous exercise without further weakening your body.
  • VHAB is allied health accredited, plus they take Medicare care plans and can rebate through private health funds.
  • Multiple locations across the Coast.
  • PLUS, did you know they’ll even create a new group specifically for your mothers’ group! Yep, we were excited by this news too!

We recommend you tell your mothers’ group friends and do it too – believe us, your body will thank you for many years to come.

Locations: Classes run in Terrigal, Kincumber, Bateau Bay, Holgate, Killarney Vale and Avoca. Some are indoors and some are outside in the sunshine.
Phone: Alison, 0405 150 240
Email: [email protected]


Mums that Circuit isn’t your typical mums and bubs exercise group – for one it’s FREE! Run every Monday morning at The Haven oval under the shade of the huge pines, this 45-minute circuit session is run by a group for mums who want to get active and outdoors. Unlike a personal training session where exercises are instructed, this group allows women to come along with their kids and work out at the circuit stations at their own intensity and pace.

LOCATION: Terrigal Haven

Central Coast Baby Classes

Musikbugs newborn music classes, East Gosford

Looking for some beautiful opportunities to bond with your precious newborn (and escape the house!)? Musikbugs in East Gosford is a specialist children’s music studio that runs classes for babies from 4 to 12 months (and beyond).

While all music is wonderful, Musikbugs offer far more than lullabies and swaying. Musikbugs’ music classes follow the research-based music and movement curriculum of Kindermusik, and each activity is taught with intention and development front of mind.

Musikbugs’ baby music classes provide bubs with an environment that’s both sensory-rich and gentle. Bubs are invited to explore new sounds, sensations and objects, and it’s gorgeous to watch their reactions as they discover the world around them.

Infant massage, toe and finger games, and plenty of rocking time are just the beginning of helping parents connect with their tiny humans, and each class teachers offer ideas for how carers can continue to bond together at home. 

Families who enrol in a term of Musikbugs classes also receive an instrument and two books to take home.

They have three options available: a full term, 4 weeks, or, if you want to try it out first, join in one of their one-off casual classes at the start of each term.  

61A Webb St, East Gosford.
Phone: Sharon on 0424 446 778
Email: [email protected]

Baby Sensory classes, Erina

Looking for a fun activity you can do with your baby? One where your baby will be introduced to a world of new sensory experiences through sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, signing, therapeutic games and massage? Baby Sensory Central Coast is a multi-award-winning baby class, and having enrolled our own Playing in Puddles’ babies in these classes, we can assure you that they are truly wonderful.

Designed for babies from birth to 13 months, these classes provide a wonderful opportunity for you to bond with your baby while supporting their development. Each session has a different theme and involves music, movement, sign language, and amazing sensory experiences.

But above all of this, and importantly for us, they’re really just a lot of fun. One week your baby will be invited to play with a bucket of oats, pop bubbles, play peek-a-boo with puppets and hide under a parachute hung with streamers and the next week they’ll be offered cinnamon quills and dried orange segments to smell and immersed in a darkened room surrounded by beautiful glowing fibre optic lighting and softly lit LED pebbles.

Baby Sensory
5/13 Bonnal Road, Erina.
Phone: Sam on 0490 412 928.
Email: [email protected]
Special offers: Baby Sensory offers a free trial for newborns (12 weeks and under). They also offer Mother’s Group discount: $15 discount for groups of 4 or more who book the whole term together OR a $5 discount if you all want to try a class. Please text 0490412928 for the code.

Early Childhood Music Classes at the Conservatorium of Music, Gosford and Woy Woy

The baby music classes at the Central Coast Conservatorium of Music will have you bouncing, tapping, and singing along with your tiniest family members as you enjoy 30 minutes of creative fun together! Babies are encouraged to play lots of different musical instruments throughout the class, to clap their hands, stomp their feet and sway to the beats.

To extend upon in-class learning, children take home song sheets which become part of their music book. These music books encourage song recognition and singing at home. These classes are a great way to bond with your baby and a great place to meet other parents and carers of bubs the same age. Classes advance from 0-2 year olds all the way to primary-school (and even into adulthood), so your child’s musical skills can progress in a supportive and familiar environment as they grow.

Classes are held in a lovely heritage church in Woy Woy and at the Conservatorium in Gosford. Mention Playing in Puddles for a free trial class. Plus, if you’d like to join and they don’t have a class on the day you’re able to attend, do let them know, as they’ll open more classes if there’s interest.

Locations: Central Coast Conservatorium, 45 Mann St, Gosford | St David’s Presbyterian Church, 120 Blackwall Rd, Woy Woy.
Phone: 4324 7477
Email: [email protected]
Open: Mon – Fri 9am–5pm, Sat 10am–2pm.
Website: Central Coast Conservatorium of Music

Music Mornings at Impact, Erina

If you haven’t visited Impact at Erina with your young family, you are absolutely missing out! It’s the most incredibly supportive, community-minded space. The staff are lovely, the cafe serves delicious food and fab coffee, they have a casual creche available to any carers visiting their venue AND they run free early learning classes for babies, toddlers and preschoolers!

On a Wednesday morning, they run a FREE music-and-movement session for babies and children aged five and under. This casual class runs once a week during the school term and no registration is required. Parents are invited to get involved and the class is filled with percussion instruments, songs, dance and bubbles, so it’s great for babies as well as older tots. They also run Messy Play and Tiny Toes, which are wonderful for bubs once they’re standing/walking.

These wonderful classes are put on for the community for free by “Heart of Impact Kids”, Impact’s charity arm. Sarah, who runs the classes says, “Research has shown that early learning opportunities help to prepare children for the social, emotional, and cognitive demands of school, and Heart of Impact Kids is passionate about providing high-quality early childhood educational sessions to all children”. Impact’s programs are planned and led by a qualified teacher to ensure they are offering the best possible start to your child’s learning and developmental journey.

No registration is required for Music Morning – just turn up, sign up and get ready to boogie.

When: Messy Monday runs 10am-11am on Mondays during the school term. Bookings needed: To book a spot for Messy Monday, check the Heart of Impact Kids Facebook page for details. This class is very popular and normally books out a few days in advance.
Music Morning runs 10am-10:30am on Wednesdays during the school term. No registration needed.
Tiny Tots runs 10am-10:30am on Fridays during the school term. No registration needed.
Where: Impact Centre, 19 Chetwynd Rd, Erina
Who: Babies, toddlers and preschoolers aged five and under.
Cost: FREE!

Babytime at Central Coast Libraries

Babytime is a FREE 30-minute session parents and carers can attend with their bubs. Led by a librarian, the session includes singing, rhymes and simple stories for babies aged 0 to 24 months.

Erina LibraryWednesday9.30am
Gosford LibraryWednesday10am
Kariong LibraryTuesday9.45am
Kincumber LibraryThursday9.45am
Lake Haven LibraryTuesday10am
Toukley LibraryWednesday9.30am
Tuggerah LibraryThursday & Friday10am

Our favourite mum/baby products

As a mum to three, I’ve spent a lot of time researching, googling and trying baby products, and there are a few products I wish I’d found WAY earlier in my parenting journey (such as these reusable breast pads that actually work!). Here are some products I absolutely love, have used with my own babies and recommend to all of my friends. Sharing here so you can use them too.

Bare Mum reusable ultra-absorbent breast pads

As a mum who leaked ALL the time and has tried every breast pad imaginable, I can vouch hand on heart that these reusable breast pads are wonderful. They’re comfortable, great for the environment, they don’t stick to your bra or your skin (unlike the disposable ones) and they absorb a lot of milk. Do yourself a favour and buy two packs. You’ll wear them day and night for months, and they’re so very much worth it.

Ergobaby carriers

These soft-structured carriers are an absolute must, as it means you can snuggle and love on your baby while getting life done – i.e. make yourself some lunch, dress your toddler, help your kids with their homework, get that email written, feed the dog. Plus, they’re great for grocery shopping, going on bushwalks and beach walks and even walking older kids to school. Ergobaby has so many types and they’re great because they’re comfortable and easy to put on – go check them out and choose one that best suits you.

Aster & Oak baby and kids clothing

Dress your bubs in beautiful clothes that you’ll keep and hand down for years to come. Aster & Oak is an Australian ethically made baby and kids label (sizes 0-5) that creates a beautiful range of certified organic clothing and bedding. This is clothing that lasts, looks beautiful and doesn’t go out of fashion. And the rompers have frills! Need I say more.

Ecoriginals nappies

Ecoriginals nappies are great for the environment and great for busy parents. These eco-nappies get delivered to your door at regular intervals so you’re never without. They don’t leak and they’re dermatologist-approved and gentle on those soft-soft baby bums. We love knowing that we’re reducing landfill in using these nappies that are plastic-free, plant-baased and 90% biodegradable.

Playgroups, Parents’ Groups, and Mother’s Groups

Central Coast Health parenting groups and drop-in clinics

There are several parenting groups that a Child and Family Health Nurse facilitates at local early childhood health clinics across the Central Coast. You can join the new baby group (for babies 0-8 weeks) or the older baby group (for babies 4-7 months).

Families can also attend child and family health ‘drop-in’ clinics for parenting support or concerns for children aged 0 to 5 years.

LOCATIONS: Various locations across the Central Coast.

Central Coast Surfing Mums

This is a group for mums who love to surf! Surfing Mums is a national, not-for-profit volunteer organisation with a presence on the Central Coast. Coordinated by local members, meet-ups are organised on specific days, at locations with the best beach conditions on that given day. Attendees pair up, decide who will surf and who will watch the kids first and after 30 minutes, swap over. This is a great way for parents to take to the waves for some exercise, whilst knowing that their kids are being watched AND having a ball in the sand! It’s also a fantastic way to make friends.


Gosford Presbyterian Church Community Playgroup

The Community Playgroup at Gosford Presbyterian Church meets once a fortnight on a Tuesday at 10am during the school term. Everyone is welcome to head along to the meetups where they can relax in a supportive environment while little ones have fun playing and creating. Each session includes stories, crafts, songs, morning tea, and plenty of time for children to play and learn! To find out more about the next playgroup meetup, visit their Facebook page, or send a message through their website.

LOCATION: West Gosford

Mama Tribe

Mama Tribe is a national mums meet-up community whose mission is to ensure that no mum feels lonely, isolated, or without support. Every month, Mama Tribe Central Coast host a catch-up for local mums to meet-up and mingle – you can find locations and event details by joining their Facebook group.

PLUS, through Mama Tribe, you can invite other mums to your own events such as your weekly walks, coffee dates, park play dates, or kids’ activities! Simply create an event or “get together” in your local Mama Tribe Facebook group, share the event in the group, double-check who’s coming the night before by posting in the event, take a selfie, and use #nomumleftbehind so they can repost it!

LOCATIONS: Various locations across the Central Coast

PEG Nature Playgroup

A project of the Peninsula Environment Group, PEG Nature Playgroup is a Facebook group for families with pre-school-aged children who want to get together for nature-based play in the great outdoors! They get together weekly for bush walks, beach days, picnics, gardening, arts and crafts, farm visits, community events, celebrations and park plays.

LOCATIONS: Woy Woy, Umina, and Ettalong

Playgroup NSW

Playgroup NSW has a directory of playgroups that are being run all over the Central Coast. Visit their website to find details on a playgroup near you!

LOCATION: Central Coast wide

Free Central Coast Immunisation Clinics for Children


Immunisation ‘drop-in’ clinics are provided at various Central Coast locations for children under the age of six. Clinics are usually held monthly. Click the link above to see the timetable.

Appointments aren’t necessary so you can just turn up with your bub at one of these clinics. It’s recommended you attend with your child’s ‘Blue Book’ and Medicare details.

Nursery, Baby Stores and Kids Markets on the Central Coast

Shopping for baby clothes and nursery items for your first bub is an exciting experience, but also a little daunting! To help you find a great selection of items to suit all budgets, we have compiled a list of baby stores, children’s clothes shops, kids boutiques, and markets around the Central Coast so you can get shopping!

My Kids Market NSW, Bateau Bay
Held twice a year on the Central Coast, My Kids Market is a shopping haven full of just about everything for boys and girls and at prices almost too good to be true! Markets are held in April and September and here you’ll find a whole host of great quality pre-loved childrenswear, toys, shoes, puzzles, books, prams, highchairs, and other nursery items on sale. And with brands such as Country Road, Seed, Love to Dream, Cotton on Kids, Fisher-Price, Lego, Bugaboo, Safe ‘n’ Sound, Mountain Buggy, and more to be found, you’re guaranteed to walk away with some beautiful additions to your little one’s wardrobe or nursery.
Email: [email protected] |  Visit Website.

Baby Bunting, West Gosford
Baby Bunting is the major baby store on the Central Coast! Selling everything from Boori cots and Stokke high chairs to Maxi Cosi car seats and a huge variety of baby toys, this large store has everything you need to prepare for your little one’s first few years of life.
Phone: 4322 1000 | Visit Website

Little Wren Designs, Umina Beach
Set inside The Galleria in Ettalong, this baby and kids boutique has a gorgeous selection of baby clothes, Jellycat soft toys, dolls, and a variety of wooden toys, including train sets and puzzles.
Phone: 0490 450 267 | Visit Website.

Magnolia Home, East Gosford
If you’re on the lookout for unique baby gifts, Magnolia Home in East Gosford has a great variety of goodies guaranteed to please. Stocking brands such as Toshi, Dreamtime and Living Textiles, you’ll find swaddles, rattles and giftset galore!
Phone: 43232400| Visit Website

Precious Little, Terrigal
Located under the Crowne Plaza in Terrigal, this little boutique has a very special selection of clothes, books, toys and accessories that would make the perfect gift for any newborn.
Phone 4385 1082 | Visit Website.

Zarlak kids, Terrigal
Featuring brands such as Children of the Tribe, Kapow Kids and Quincy Mae, this trendy store in Terrigal has an amazing variety of baby and children’s clothes. They also have a gorgeous selection of wooden toys, including stunning dolls houses and all the furniture to go with them!
Phone: 4384 7815 |  Visit Website.

Parks best suited to babies

Below is just a snapshot of the parks we recommend. To see our many reviews of parks best suited to tiny tots, click below.

Some of our favourite local places to explore with a baby

We’ve always loved escaping the house, exploring and showing our kids the world – even when they’re babies. On the Central Coast, we’re blessed to have a huge amount of naturally beautiful places to visit. Even when your baby is very young you can teach them about the world around them. Let them feel the texture of leaves, smell flowers, show them real animals and take them to the ocean to hear the roar of the waves. Here are some places you can explore with your newborn:

  • Head to parks with ducks. See all our park features here.
  • The Japanese Gardens. To see koi, ducks and artwork.
  • Local bushwalks – 40 for families, including Kincumba Mountain and Pearl Beach Arboretum.
  • The Coast’s 49 beaches.
  • Visit local pet shops and aquariums to see fish, birds, bunnies, mice and cats.
  • Show them “cows that moo” and “sheep that baaa” and “chickens that bok” at some local high schools. Please don’t enter the school grounds; you can see the animals from the school fence of these schools: Erina High School – 12 Ernest St | Lisarow High School – opposite 9 The Ridgeway | Kincumber High School – opposite 24 Kincumber St.
  • The Egg Shed at Erina Heights.
  • Visit local rockpools.
  • Go crunching through Autumn leaves at Bensville, Matcham and Yarramalong.

Enjoy your little bundle, because they won’t stay little for long.

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Header image: Musikbugs.

This feature was created in partnership with Alara Women’s Health, Baby Sensory Central Coast, Little Lives, Musikbugs, Impact and The Central Coast Conservatorium of Music.


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