Looking for a gym with creche facilities? Or just a casual creche? We’re not talking just any creche – we’re talking one that has a multi-level play maze, a separate baby, toddler, and preschooler area, a sensory play area, AND a fantastic pre-school program that incorporates fine motor skill activities and crafts!

Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! The Impact creche is located in Kidsworld and it’s available to ALL parents and carers! You don’t have to be a member of the gym to make use of the creche facilities; the creche can be used by anyone at the centre. It’s for those who have an Impact Gym membership, a Fitness Passport or anyone else who simply wants to use Impact’s facilities – including the cafe and allied health practitioners. Yep, you read correctly. Here are some ways you can use this facility:
+ Keen for a kid-free lunch or coffee with friends (one where you can actually talk uninterrupted)? Drop the kids at the creche and grab lunch at Impact’s cafe.
+ Need to study or work? Drop your kids at the creche and grab two hours of undistracted time. Now that’s worth its weight in gold.
+ Have a tonne of life admin tasks, phone calls, bills to pay, etc that you want to tick off? Get it all done and dusted quickly while you’re kids have a blast at Kidsworld.
+ Have an appointment with one of the allied health providers? Don’t try to do it while wrangling the kids; just drop them at the creche.

This is a game-changer for all parents, as you’ll not only be able to fit in regular exercise as part of your busy week, but you can also set aside some you time to get tasks done, catch up with friends, and keep your sanity in check with some time out from the noise and chaos that is parenting on the daily. And, you can do all of this knowing that your kids are having an absolute blast in a safe and nurturing environment!

Sound like a little slice of Heaven? Find out all you need to know about Impact KidsWord Creche below.

PLUS, did we mention that the popular Stay ‘n’ Play sessions are coming back next month, too? Yep – we thought that’d get you excited – get the deets below!

Impact KidsWorld Creche Facility

Looking for a gym where you can go any time of the day or night? The Impact Centre Gym in Erina is not only open 24 hours a day but it’s also got a fantastic creche facility that’s run out of its fabulous indoor kids play centre – KidsWorld! With its two separate playgrounds (split according to age group) and many activities designed to support your child’s developmental journey, this Creche goes over and above just providing a child minding service while you exercise. Here’s why:

They have a specialised area for babies, preschoolers, and toddlers:

Baby Zone: Are you a new baby mamma? If so, it’s natural to feel uneasy about leaving your precious bundle with someone else while you take some time out for yourself. But new parents can rest assured that your bubs will be taken great care of by the Centre’s experienced childcare staff – all of whom have qualifications in childcare, along with Working With Children Checks and Senior First Aid qualifications.

Not only that, bubs will get to enjoy a designated baby zone complete with age-appropriate toys and activities, while receiving individualised care.

Toddler and Preschooler Zone: Bustling toddlers and preschoolers visiting the creche will have their very own playground complete with climbing apparatus, cubby houses, ride-on toys, large soft building blocks, animal rockers, a toddler trampoline, balance beams, and stepping blocks!

AND, in addition to having access to the incredible play equipment, your little ones will take part in a variety of activities and crafts that are designed to support fine motor skill development through play as part of the Centre’s awesome preschool program.

Older kids will have a blast in the multi-level play maze!

Designed for kids from 3 up to 12 years old, this exciting double-storey play area boasts a long double slide, ball pit, climbing slopes, balance beam, swing, flying fox, and various padded obstacles for children to navigate and manipulate! Your kids will have a ball doing laps of the slide and charging about the soft-play structure while being supervised and cared for by a team of qualified childcare professionals.

There’s a sensory play area too

The KidsWorld creche facility has a specially designed space for kids to retreat if they start to feel frustrated, emotionally heightened, or over-whelmed during their visit. Combining a range of sensory stimuli to help develop and engage the
senses including lights, colours, sounds, and sensory soft play objects with a “safe den” (a darkened pop-up tent with soft blankets and cushions to recover from sensory overload), children are given the space to feel calm and to refocus. This play zone may be particularly helpful for children with learning disabilities or sensory impairments.

KidsWorld Creche

Did you know that the Impact KidsWorld creche isn’t just for parents with an Impact gym membership? That’s right – the creche can be used for anyone who uses Impact’s facilities – including Impact Cafe and any of the centre’s allied health providers. This is absolute GOLD for any parent looking for some much-needed “me-time” because you’ll get to use the creche for 2 hours (provided you stay on-site) while you study, read, relax, eat or even meet your girlfriends for a chat and a coffee!

When: Creche sessions run from 8.45am – 10.45am and 11am – 1pm on weekdays.
Where: Impact Centre, 19 Chetwynd Rd, Erina.
Cost: People can pay casually or you can pay direct debit and use it regularly each week for a huge reduction in price. Casual visits are $15 per visit for non-gym members and $10 per visit for gym members and Fitness Passport members. | Direct debit: unlimited creche usage $20 a week 1st child; $10 a week 2nd child; $5 each child thereafter. Those paying a direct debit will get FREE entry into KidsWorld Stay’n’Play.

PLUS, Mention Playing in Puddles and get your first Creche visit FREE!

Impact at Erina accepts Fitness Passport members.

Stay ‘n’ Play is BACK!

Families who’re already familiar with the KidsWorld play centre will be over-the-moon excited to hear that Stay’n’ Play sessions have returned! This means that Central Coast families can now once again take their kids in for a casual play session and stay with them while they run wild on the soft-play equipment.

When: Stay ‘n’ Play sessions are operating between 1pm – 3pm Monday to Friday.
Cost: Kids from 12 months to 2 years: $5 per child | Kids 3 – 10 years: $10 per child | Kids under 12 months go FREE.

Image from Impact KidsWorld Erina

Book your child’s next Birthday Party at KidsWorld Erina

Did you know you can hold your party at Kidsworld? They’ll take care of the food, entertainment, and clean-up (parents, give a little cheer!) – the kids will have an excellent time and there’s no risk of cake being smeared on your couch. Click here for all details.

Parties are available on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Impact KidsWorld Erina

Where: Impact Centre, 19 Chetwynd Rd, Erina.
Phone: 0243 676 767 – Tell them Playing in Puddles sent you.
Facilities: Baby change tables, air-conditioned and heated.
Parking: Car park right out the front.
Tips: Socks must be worn in Kidsworld at all times and are available for purchase at reception if required.

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