There are so many fantastic kids classes available across the Central Coast. We’ve found classes in music, dance, sport, fitness, horse riding and more.

Many classes offer a FREE trial and/or term discount exclusively to Playing in Puddles’ readers.

Take a look and sign your kids up to something new!

Sport Classes

Basketball Minis, Terrigal 

Designed for children 18 months – 5 years, Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium’s Basketball Minis classes are fun and interactive classes which focus on basic basketball skills for your little ones. Sessions include a general warm up, run and shoot, colour and number recognition games, passing practice, bouncing practice, obstacle course and parachute fun. It sits somewhere between a playgroup and structured kids class and really is a lot of fun.

All kids under 5 are welcome to participate in the same class which makes this a great activity if you have two or three kids within this age group. Plus, you can join for the term or come casually.

Age group: Kids aged 18 months – 5 years.
Where: Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium, Terrigal.
When: Mondays and Fridays 10am-10:45am
Cost: $100 for a 10-week term OR $12 per child per session (includes a free hot beverage for Mum or Dad).
Contact: 4385 3577 or

Ready Steady Go Kids, Central Coast 

Ready Steady Go Kids is for children aged 18 months-6 years. They’ll run, jump, bounce basketballs, bat cricket balls, have a load of fun and learn great skills. This award-winning physio-designed program teaches children the fundamentals of 10 different sports and develops essential motor skills in a fun, non-competitive environment. The kids learn a new sport every fortnight so there’s no chance of boredom.

Playing in Puddles offer: Free trial class

Age group: 1.5 years – 6 years
Where: Four locations across the Coast: Terrigal, Erina, Charmhaven, Woy Woy.
When: Daily – multiple times.
Cost: From $158.40/11 week term.
Contact: 1300 766 892 or
Active Kids Voucher Accepted (4-6 year olds only. To qualify, your child must be attending school).

Aussie Hoops Skills Sessions

Aussie Hoops is the official basketball introductory program for 5-9 year-olds. These sessions provide a structured and federally endorsed program where kids can learn the basics of fitness conditioning, muscle management and well-being, along with basketball skills development. Not only that, they’ll also reap the rewards of enhanced self-esteem, social co-operation and the inclusive feeling that comes with sports participation!

Age group: Kids aged 5-9 years.
Where: Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium, Terrigal.
When: Saturdays 9-10am | Wednesdays 3.45-4.30pm | Fridays 3.45-4.30pm.
Cost: $100 for a 10-week term (includes registration fee and AussieHoops merchandise kit).
Contact: 4385 3577 or email

Domestic Players Skills and Fundamentals Sessions

Aimed at 10-17 year olds, this program is for basketball players who are involved in the Breakers Indoor Basketball Stadium local competition and who want more training on their foundational skills to become better players.

Age group: Kids aged 10-17 years.
Where: Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium, Terrigal.
When: Saturdays 10-11am.
Cost: $70 for a 10-week term.
Contact: 4385 3577

Music and Dance Classes

Terrigal Physie

Preschoolers, big sisters and even Mums are all invited to strut their stuff with Terrigal Physie this year, where they’ll get to try out a combination of various different dance types, all choreographed by BjP Physical Culture! This wonderful community spirited dance group is set up to increase confidence, build fitness and hone flexibility – all whilst making new friends and having fun!

Age group: Ages 3+
Where: Terrigal 50+ Leisure and Learning Centre, Duffys Road, Terrigal.
When: Mondays and Thursdays (preschooler classes are held on Mondays only). Visit the website to see full class timetable.
Cost:* Preschoolers: $40/10-week term + $35 registration and insurance fee. Registration includes a FREE tutu.
Children 5-12: $100/10-week term + $25 insurance fee.
Children 13 – Adult: $115/10-week term + $25 insurance fee.
BjP Registration: $88 for all members age 5+.
Contact: Melinda 0412 004 397.
Active Kids and Creative Kids Vouchers Accepted

*NOTE: All payments need to be made via bank transfer. 

Munchkin Groovers

Does your little one love to wiggle, giggle, dance and skip? Munchkin Groovers is a wonderful class that encourages little stars to discover their own self expression through music and dance. Available to children aged 2 – 5 years, the caring and loving environment created at Munchkin Groovers will make parents beam as they watch their little ones come out of their shells!

Also, NEW to 2020 will be a Special Needs Movement Class aimed at allowing children to discover dance at their own pace and inviting parents to participate if needed.

Age group: 2-5 years.
Where: Breakers Basketball Stadium, Terrigal.
When: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (9.45am – 10.30am).
Cost: $130/10-week term + $30 annual insurance fee.
Contact: Lizzie 0402 197 475.

Children’s Music Program, Gosford and Woy Woy

Bam bam, tink, tink, ding, ding. Let your babies make music, giggle, clap and sing in one of The Con’s Baby Music Classes for tots aged 0-5. It’s a lovely bonding time as parents are invited to join in the fun. Classes are held at Gosford and Woy Woy and are split into age groups.

You can sign your primary-school child up to a group music class too. These classes – held at the Central Coast Conservatorium – are perfect for kids who love music but aren’t yet old enough to take up one-on-one instrument tuition (or who don’t yet know which instrument to choose).

Playing in Puddles offer: Mention us to get a FREE trial! PLUS, Students in the Children’s Music Program can participate in the Con’s Children’s Choir for no additional cost.

Age group: 0-10. (They also run one-on-one instrument tuition for all ages  – check their website for all details)
Where: Gosford and Woy Woy.
When: Multiple classes held each week.
Cost: From $70/term.
Contact: 4324 7477 or
Creative Kids Voucher Accepted

Dance Adventure, Central Coast

Can’t decide if you should enrol your child in a music OR dance class? Send them to Dance Adventure and they get both! These classes are for children aged 1-7 (yep, dance classes for 1 year olds! Too cute!). Your child will dance, sing, play instruments and get thoroughly carried away with movement props such as silk scarves and glitter wands.

These wonderful classes are also now available to 5-7 year-olds after school on a Monday at Terrigal Scout Hall.

Playing in Puddles offer: Free trial class plus mention playing in puddles for 10% off your first terms fees.

Age group: 1-7.
Where: Terrigal, Tuggerah and Erina!
When: Mondays at Tuggerah and Terrigal, Wednesdays at Terrigal and Thursdays and Fridays at Erina.
Cost: Class Fees are $10 Per class, paid upfront for the term.
Contact: or
Active Kids Voucher Accepted. Rachel is in the process of applying for the Creative Kids Voucher. Contact her for more details.

Musikbugs, Niagara Park

Musikbugs baby music classes at Niagara Park

Baby music classes are the best! They give new, sleep-deprived parents a lovely excuse to escape the house and they provide a really fun, beautiful bonding time for you and your precious bub. These music and movement classes also help with your baby’s brain development and help support their growth as they reach those critical milestones. The Double Bonus: your baby will love it! Kindermusik with Musikbugs also runs classes for older tots – classes are split into babies, walkers, toddlers and preschoolers.

The lovely Sharon, who owns Musikbugs, also does one-on-one piano tuition for all ages.

Age group: Musikbugs classes 0-5; piano tuition all ages.
Where: Niagara Park.
When: Multiple days (refer to website for further details).
Cost: From $100 for 8 weeks.
Contact: 0424 446 778 or

Extreme Sports

Ninja Kids Classes – Flips and Twists, Gosford

Have a child with aerial ambitions? One who wants to twist, back flip, spin and leap like a ninja? Want them to learn these skills in a safe environment? Sign them up to Flip Out Gosford‘s Ninja classes. Flip Out’s teachers will show your kids how to achieve agility, co-ordination and aerial awareness in a safe environment. After mastering the basics, your child will learn tricks such as front flips, back flips, twisting skills and more.

You can join in a class casually, or you can sign up for the full term.

Age group: Kids aged 5-16.
Where: Flip Out, Gosford.
When: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm (the class runs for 1 hour).
Cost: $15 per class or $120 for a 10-week term (plus $30 registration fee).
Contact: 4323 0162 or
Active Kids Voucher Accepted

Circus Classes & Parkour, Wyoming

Let your dreams defy gravity! Set your eyes on the skies with Tumbling, juggling, spinning plates and swinging on a trapeze – now they are some nifty tricks you don’t pick up at school. But you can master them at Roundabout Circus in Wyoming. They host a heap of circus workshops for kids of all ages (young tots and adults too) throughout the term. Plus they offer $5 trial classes during the term and are creative and active kids providers.

Age group: From ages 2+.
Where: Wyoming.
When: Multiple sessions weekly.
Cost: From $10/class.
Contact: 0423 324 407 or

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