Giving birth is a BIG DEAL! And it takes your body time to recover from the huge event that is a vaginal birth or c-section. But when the newborn fog has lifted, you’re feeling ready, and your doctor has given you the green light, gentle exercise is a great way to get your body back to full strength. AND we’ve found a local exercise class designed specifically for women post-birth that we’re wishing upon every new mum.

VHAB (a.k.a. vagina and core rehab – yep, we love the cheeky name too!) is a six-week program brought to you by the same qualified exercise physiologists behind Healthy Bumps. The VHAB program is all about showing you how to correctly and gently rebuild your body and strength after a vaginal birth or c-section, so you can safely return to exercise. VHAB’s exercise physiologists help you to re-engage and rebuild both your pelvic floor and deep core muscles, assist with abdominal separation, and help with the treatment of prolapses so that you can return to more strenuous exercise without further weakening your body.

And it’s not just for mums with newborns. It’s also perfect for mums who are returning to exercise after an extended time away and would like to have a gentle guide on how to return to exercise safely.

Playing in Puddles’ editor, Katie, did this course after having her third baby earlier this year, and she honestly can’t recommend it enough. We recommend you tell your mothers’ group friends and do it too – believe us, your body will thank you for many years to come.


VHAB is the first step for returning to exercise after having your baby and something every mum should do as part of their postnatal rehab journey.

The program was designed by exercise physiologist and local mum Alison Taylor. Alison has more than 10 years’ experience in this field, and VHAB was born from Alison’s passion for prescribing exercise that’s useful, supportive, challenging and engaging, after she found there was a lack of appropriate options during and after her own pregnancy.

“Birth creates stretching and, sometimes, tearing or cutting to skin, ligaments, tendons and muscles,” explains Alison Taylor, an exercise physiologist who designed the VHAB program. “Like any injury to a body part, it needs gentle rehab in order to return to full function with no issues.”

This is not just another mums ‘n’ bubs class. Here’s why the VHAB program stands out from other postnatal exercise options and why us mums at Playing in Puddles recommend it so highly:
+ It’s an evidence-based program run by accredited university-qualified exercise physiologists who are endorsed by doctors and physios, setting them apart from regular gyms and personal trainers.
+ It’s doctor- and physio-endorsed for pelvic floor and core rebuilding, and aligns with Women’s Health Physio Homework
+ The 6-week program is designed to correctly start the rehabilitation of the core and pelvic floor after vaginal or C-Section birth and to return mums back to strength and confidence again safely.
+ It helps reduce long-term complications, such as prolapse and incontinence.
+ Alison says, “I really I want mums to know this is safe and appropriate for exhausted, weak, sore, vulnerable mums from 6 weeks after birth, and that the earlier they start the better the long-term effects for their body. That’s what the evidence all shows!”
+ VHAB is allied health accredited and can take Medicare care plans and can rebate through private health funds. 

V-HAB by Healthy Bumps
Alison Taylor, owner and exercise physiologist of VHAB. Image from VHAB

Not to mention,
+ Most of the classes are outdoors – and, well, we reckon sunshine is just oh-so good for the soul. There are some cozy indoor locations as well.
+ Alison is a mum, too, and she’ll happily rock prams and nurse unsettled babes so mums can train.
+ You’ll find your tribe and meet other Central Coast women who have also recently had babies (and who you can organise a well-deserved, post-session coffee with!)

The other great news is that once you’ve completed the initial 6-week VHAB program, you’ll be able to progress to the next stage of your post-birth rehabilitation journey through either:

  • Advanced VHAB: A mat pilates program with a fitness finisher. Throughout this program, you’ll expand on VHAB by building in more muscles.
  • Bootcamp: A pelvic floor-friendly bootcamp to build strength and fitness with the aim to return you to your pre-baby fitness goals. This class is for everyone – not just mums.
  • Alternatively, you’ll be linked with a program near you that suits your needs.

Okay, I’m convinced! Tell me how to sign up!

To find a group, check out the VHAB community Facebook Group. Or, if you’d like to chat further about creating your own group for you and your mother’s group friends at a time that suits you, get in touch with Alison via the VHAB Facebook page.

When: VHAB runs Monday to Friday.
Where: Classes run in Terrigal, Kincumber, Bateau Bay, Holgate, Killarney Vale and Avoca. Some are indoors and some are outside in the sunshine.
Phone: Alison, 0405 150 240.
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: VHAB’s Facebook page; VHAB’s Facebook group

Still pregnant?

Check out Alison’s Healthy Bumps Active Pregnancy Classes. They’re safe workouts tailored to you, and can help you prepare for labour, strengthen your pelvic floor and reduce the likelihood of post-pregnancy complications. You can read more about the classes here.



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