Expecting a baby or recently had one? Then the fabulous Healthy Bumps’ exercise classes run by Exercise Physiologist Alison and her team are for you! Whether you’re in your first, second, third, or even fourth trimester, Healthy Bumps is a class perfect for women of all fitness levels and stages of their new baby journey.

PLUS, pregnant mammas who mention Playing in Puddles can get a FREE trial – woohoo!

Healthy Bumps Active Pregnancy Classes

Not only will Healthy Bumps’ Active Pregnancy classes prepare you for the epic event of labour, they’ll also provide long-term, scientifically-proven health benefits that you’ll be reaping the rewards from for years to come. During these great classes, you can expect to:

+ Increase your overall fitness and strength.
+ Reduce the liklihood of post-pregnancy complications.
+ Manage your mental health.
+ Allow for optimal weight management.
+ Manage or reduce your risk of gestational diabetes.
+ Reduce the risk of child obesity.
+ Improve your circulation and digestion.
+ Reduce pains and complications.
+ Improve your sleep – now that’s winning!

Class Times: Thursdays 5:30pm at Terrigal Rotary Hall. Visit the Healthy Bumps website for more info.

Special Offer: Mention Playing in Puddles and get a FREE trial.

Healthy Bumps V-Hab Classes

Healthy Bumps’ V-Hab (Vagina Rehab) is a 6-week exercise program that gives women who are 6 weeks postpartum or more an opportunity to re-build their pelvic floor and core strength as they return to exercise properly and safely.

What you can expect from this life-saver course:

+ Learn to engage pelvic floor and core properly.
+ Decrease your chances of incontinence and prolapse.
+ Gain strength and confidence to return to exercise safely.
+ Test Ab separation.
+ Be provided with weekly take home challenges to maximise your progress.
+ Classes are appropriate for both C-Section and vaginal births.
+ Sessions are 40 mins long and include a 10 min Tibata style session to help build your whole body strength.
+ Fun in the outdoors at Terrigal Haven.

Class Times: Get in touch with Alison on: info@healthybumps.com to find out about the next group start state.


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