The Lions Park, home to the famous rocket ship, has tested the mettle of many children (and adults) over the years. It’s a rare day that a child doesn’t venture up the structure, only to then look down and break into a tearful mess. Mum or Dad, or a particularly unlucky Granny or Pop, are then set with the unenviable task of clambering up the metal ladders to rescue the child – hopeful that they, too, don’t freak out at the height… or pull a muscle.

While you can no longer climb all the way to the top of the rocket, climbing halfway still requires bravery. If clambering back down the ladders all gets too much for your youngster, the slippery dip provides a convenient out.

For those not keen on heights there’s a see-saw, a set of swings, two spinners, plus a small structure containing a climbing net, bouldering wall and double slippery dip.

It’s best to visit this park in the late afternoon right before bath-time, as the ground is covered is fine mulch (read, dirt) and your kids will get filthy. Closed-in shoes will help, but they’ll still end up with dirty knees… and hands… and elbows.

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The Lions Park

Ages: 4-10. Younger children will love the Liberty Park on the other side of the Central Coast Highway.

Fenced: Partly. The side that backs onto the Central Coast Highway is fenced, but the rest is open so be vigilant at watching children who aren’t road wise. Be aware that there’s a creek/storm-water run off in front of the homes that back onto the park. The water can get quite deep if there’s been recent rainfall.

Shaded: No. 

Facilities: BBQ, covered picnic tables, toilets.

Parking: Small car park attached.

Location: 418 Central Coast Highway, Long Jetty.

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