UPDATE 29 March 2019: This cafe has now relocated to Gosford and rebranded as South End Social.

How do you take your coffee? Long and black or topped with foam and a scattering of cocoa? Soy milk or full-cream? To go, or to stay?

We like ours from The Rollerdoor Espresso Bar in Erina. They use Fat Poppy beans – a half-half blend that’s 50% Ethiopian and 50% Brazilian. We take ours as a latte: the milk-coffee balance is right; the tempertaure is right; the density of the milk is right. It is, to be honest, perfection in a cup, and it just makes for the best start to the day.

But, as if the coffee alone wasn’t enough to get you through the door, the space also welcomes children. Yippee! There’s a little kids corner with colouring books and textas, Matchbox cars, and books. Sure, it won’t keep them entertained for hours, but it’ll certainly buy you enough time to enjoy your coffee while it’s still hot – and that’s time to be cherished.

If the sky’s blue and weather’s fine, grab one of the cafe’s picnic rugs and take up a spot on the lawn. If you have children who wander and haven’t got their street smarts, you may not feel comfortable going al fresco here as the grassed area leads directly to the street, but it’s perfect for immobile babes and older children. And, as of a few months ago, this little cafe can rock it in all-weather conditions, too, as they’ve extended their indoor dining area. Now, no matter the weather, two-somes and mothers groups can all be catered for.

The blackboard menu changes daily, but may feature the likes of a pulled pork, slaw and cheese toastie for $8, a breaky burger with chorizo, bacon and egg for $10, or a quinoa brown rice salad with poached chicken for $10.50.  And I dare you to try to leave without a brownie! Go on, look at them and then walk away. Too hard, right? Don’t beat yourself up about it – they are amazing, so do yourself a favour and order one. It might be raspberry one day and choc-mint the next. We’ve had a few and they’re all pretty epic.

Mothers groups take note: this is a great spot to meet when the bubs are still immobile. You can plop the kids on the rug and enjoy your weekly catch up in the company of great coffee, food and sunshine.

So what are you waiting for? Plan a catch up now.

Open: Monday-Friday 6am-3pm.

Location: 5 Bonnal Rd, Erina. 

Phone: 0426 215 151.

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