We have great news! Playing in Puddles’ Facebook page is back! Facebook and the Australian Government entered into further negotiations last week and early this morning (Friday 26 February) Facebook turned all “news” platforms back on. So Playing in Puddles can once again post on Facebook and everyone can again share “news” links. 

Didn’t know anything had gone down? Read on to understand what happened last week.

The below information was written on Friday 19 February 2021

If you’re thinking Playing in Puddles has gone a little quiet in your Facebook newsfeed, you’d be right: unfortunately, Playing in Puddles, along with all Australian news/media and entertainment sites, has been caught up in the standoff between Facebook and the Australian Government.

What’s going down? Well, Facebook doesn’t like the Australian Government’s proposed new media-bargaining code (which passed through the House of Representatives on Wednesday night), and they’ve decided to flex their muscles in response.

On Thursday 18 February, Facebook made some dramatic changes: all newsmakers and publishers have been restricted from posting content, and all Australians have been banned from seeing local and international news stories on Facebook.

And it’s not just the large news corporations (such as the ABC and the SMH) that have been impacted: Playing in Puddles’ Facebook page has been suspended too, along with many of our clients and media friends. The net by Facebook has been flung very wide, and businesses such as the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Sydney arts centre Carriageworks and Darling Harbour bar Cargo have also seen their Facebook pages suspended.

You can read Facebook’s official statement on why they have done this, here.

Sadly, this means that for the moment you can’t view Playing in Puddles’ Facebook posts on new parks, cafe openings, kids classes or family fun: it’s all a little crazy, isn’t it!

This is obviously a bit of a kick to the guts and we’ll be working with all of the local businesses we support (and who support us) to continue to share all of the wonderful work and services they offer. Our Facebook might be down, but we’ll keep delivering the best of the Coast to you across our other platforms until this is all sorted out.

The GOOD NEWS is that you don’t need Facebook to find us. Playing in Puddles is first and foremost a website: and you can still discover the best of the Central Coast right here on www.playinginpuddles.com.au.

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Playing in Puddles’ founding editor Katie Stokes. Local business owner, travel writer, mum to two, red-lippie wearer and Margarita sipper.