You know how you feel when you see a daybed, cocktail and sparkling pool – that’s how your kids feel when they see Vera’s Water Garden.

Vera’s Water Garden is a fun toddler water fountain at The Entrance. It’s full of quirky colourful statues, spurting fountains and other children (potential besties for the morning) running, jumping, skipping and laughing in the water. It’s a child’s ultimate water paradise.

Your kids will love it here. Toddlers and preschoolers will be in their element, but even older children who you think may have outgrown it seem to find their inner child when faced with such fun.

In May 2021 the splash pool was closed to get a brand new coat of paint and a soft-fall ground surface. We don’t yet have photos of the new paint job, but we hope to swing by very soon to check it out. 

Location: Next to Memorial Park on The Entrance Foreshore.

A sculptural sea horse sprays water at children at a Vera's Water Garden.
Image ©Playing in Puddles
Kids splashing in the water amongst the colourful sculptures of Vera's Water Garden in The Entrance.
Escape the heat at Vera’s Water Garden, The Entrance | Images ©Playing in Puddles

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