They say it takes a village to raise a baby, but what if you don’t have a village? Or what if that village is so busy with their own family, work, and big life commitments that finding support feels difficult? That’s where this incredible NEW wellbeing space from NurtureMe on the Central Coast steps in.

Call them what you will – guardian angels, the life support crew, superheroes – the team of cuddlers at NurtureMe are a God send to new parents. We mean, where else can mums and dads go to spend half a day catching up on sleep, rest, study, work, eat an uninterrupted lunch, or quite simply have a break, all the while knowing that their baby is close by and being cared for by a team of gorgeous humans? For some families, that’s grandparents or other family members but for many families where help isn’t close at hand, the options are few and far between. This is why we were so excited to discover NurtureMe’s Newborn Retreat – the FIRST of its kind on the Central Coast and a guaranteed game changer for tired parents who are in need of a little nurturing themselves. For parents everywhere, this sort of support is so needed, so valuable, so wonderful.

Read on to find out how the 4-hour Newborn Retreat works, then share this essential resource with your friends who are expecting a baby, thinking about having a baby, or have a newborn in arms as we speak! Seriously, tell everyone: every new or prospective parent will be so very grateful to know about this.

Know someone who’s having a baby and looking for the perfect baby shower gift? NurtureMe does gift vouchers for their Newborn Retreat sessions which you can purchase here.

How the NurtureMe Newborn Retreat Works

So after getting about three hours of sleep in about as many days, you’ve wisely decided to book in for a four-hour Newborn Retreat session with NurtureMe. Firstly, we’d like to say “good on you!” You’re one huge step closer to feeling human again. But now, what can you expect?

The Newborn Retreat with NurtureMe Tumbi Umbi is the first of its kind on the Central Coast, offering parents a warm and inviting space where they can enjoy some well-earned rest and time out. When you arrive, you’ll get to slip away to one of their super cosy sleep pods to catch up on some uninterrupted sleep, read a book, journal, study, or simply call a friend for FOUR whole hours while a team of trained baby cuddlers hold your baby.

There are a few reasons we really love NurtureMe’s Newborn Retreat sessions, the first being that there are no expectations for how you choose to fill your sacred time there. For some parents, it may be catching up on sleep but for others, it may be getting some life admin done, studying, or connecting with other parents in the same stage of life over a hot cuppa and some delicious homemade goodies. The whole point is that YOU, the parent, come away from the experience feeling healthier, happier, and more supported in the early stages of your parenthood journey.

Another reason we simply can’t rave enough about these sessions is that absolutely zero advice about your baby is given. Nada, nothing, zilch! NurtureMe holds the philosophy that if mum is doing great, then the baby will be fine too. So rather than adding to what can be an already confusing time for parents, NurtureMe puts the main focus on mum, who she is, what she loves, and her interests. 

And if these first two reasons weren’t enough to convince you that booking a Newborn Retreat is the best idea you’ve ever had, there’s a cafe on site too, so parents can order coffee and lunch and have a hot uninterrupted meal – Amen to that!

NurtureMe Gift Vouchers are the Perfect Baby Shower Gift!

When choosing a baby shower gift for our expectant friends, there are many options but what we really want is to gift something that’s going to be worth its weight in gold to new parents. And what better gift could you give a new mum or dad than 4 hours of time to recharge their batteries?

When you buy a NurtureMe gift voucher, your recipients can choose how they’d like to use it. So they can book a Newborn Retreat session or they can opt to use it at any one of the other services offered by NurtureMe, including their baby massage and more program, pregnancy massage, and after-birth remedial/relaxation massage.

If all this seems a bit too good to be true, it isn’t! Keen to see for yourself? Make a half-day booking for you and your newborn on any weekday and see what all the fuss is about. We promise you won’t regret it!

NurtureMe Central Coast

When: Monday to Friday, 9am – 1pm.
Where: Old Mingara Building, 22 Adelaide Street, Killarney Vale.
Cost: $90 per half-day session. Each booking entitles TWO adults and babies aged 0-3 months old to a half-day session.
Gift vouchers available: Know someone who’s having a baby and looking for the perfect baby shower gift? NurtureMe does gift vouchers for their Newborn Retreat sessions which you can purchase here.
Contact: Call or message Deb on 0412 558 338, email [email protected], or visit the NurtureMe website.

Header Image: Care of Willow and Rose Photography

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