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New Play Equipment at Drummer Parry Park, Terrigal

July 27, 2018

New play equipment has been installed at Terrigal’s Drummer Parry Park (March 2018), and it’s given the little park a real lift.

The gorgeous butterfly-emblazoned play structure includes two slippery dips, a periscope, a set of tele tubes, and a climbing ladder.

The structure is surrounded by a concrete bike/scooter path that’s shaped like a snake and includes different textures and humps and bumps to roll over. It’s ideal for toddlers who are just learning, and it’s all within eye shot of supervising parents.

Three cute mushroom stools provide cute spaces for you to break with your tots for morning or afternoon tea.

Be sure to point out the snake’s tongue and eyes on the path. The rock provides little ones with a little viewing platform so they can better see the perspective.

The swing set includes a regular swing and bucket swing and is protected by lots of lovely tall natives.

The park is built on quite a sloping block so it’s not the easiest space to take bubs in strollers. For young ones who love to run and play hide ‘n’ seek and chasings it’s ideal.

All in all this is a lovely local park that will delight young children. There isn’t a huge amount of equipment to entertain, but if you throw in your children’s bikes and a picnic rug, it’s a nice space to enjoy a picnic lunch.


The Drummer Parry Park, Terrigal (also known as Quarang Road Park)

Trees will shade the playground at times throughout the day. The ground cover under the playground is mulch.

Toilets: None.

Fencing: None.

Age group: The playground equipment is best suited to children aged 2-7.

Parking: Free street parking.

Location: The southern end of Quarang Road, Terrigal. 

Looking for other playgrounds in Terrigal? Check out the Rotary Park in Terrigal – it has a coffee shop too.

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