Could your child or teenager benefit from some extra support with their schooling? And, parents, could the help of a tutor be a super awesome blessing for you too? Given that we’re all having to play the teacher role as a result of homeschooling (while also trying to juggle work and maybe younger children), there’s never been a more perfect time to sign up to Cluey Learning – an online tutoring service that provides face-to-face online tutoring for kids that you can call upon when you need.

Getting a tutor will save you and your kids sanity. It’ll help your kids improve their grades, and – what we really love – is that tutoring ultimately helps kids feel way more confident and happier in the classroom, as they’re not struggling through every lesson. We know because we remember that feeling of struggle when we were kids – and tutoring helped us a lot.

Cluey Learning has more than 1000 tutors who work with students in years 2-12 in offering personalised online tutoring across Maths, English and Chemistry. Since launching, they’re supported more than 25,000 Australian students – making them the largest online tutoring service provider in the country!

And, here’s the cherry on the cake, they’re offering Playing in Puddles readers an exclusive deal that gives you 20% off when you enrol your child!

Read our feature below to find out more and to find the best option for you and your kids. ↓

Cluey Learning Online Tutoring Students
Image supplied by Cluey Learning

1-to-1 Tutoring – personalised tutoring for your child

Cluey Learning 1-to-1 tutoring
Image supplied by Cluey Learning

There’s nothing like one-on-one learning and tutoring, and Cluey Learning matches your child with a tutor who can best help them with their learning and understanding. Whether they’re struggling with maths fractions or trigonometry, or they find comprehension and essay writing just a massive chore (and bore), Cluey Learning will find a tutor that can best help your child to understand – and even enjoy – these classes.

Through 1-to-1 tutoring, your child will be matched with their own expert tutor and provided with a personal learning program according to their unique learning goals and personality. Then, it’s simply a case of choosing a day and time for a weekly session that works around your child’s schedule and away you go!

All online sessions are safe and secure and are recorded so your child can access them for revision later on.

Group Tutoring – to help classroom confidence

Cluey Learning Group Tutoring
Image supplied by Cluey Learning

Cluey Learning also offers group tutoring sessions – perfect for helping students to build confidence while learning with others. During these sessions, friendly and patient tutors will create a fun and nurturing environment so that your child and their peers feel encouraged to participate in group activities while building on their academic and communication skills.

Class sizes are kept small, with a maximum of 5 students per class, and are available to children in years 3-10.

Cluey Learning Online Tutoring Tutors
Image supplied by Cluey Learning

Getting Started

Does this sound like what your child needs? You can enrol your child directly online on the Cluey Learning website or for more information, call one of Cluey Learning’s advisors on 1300 182 000.

Special Offer to Playing in Puddles Readers

Cluey Learning is offering the Playing in Puddles community an awesome deal – get 20% off face-to-face online school tutoring when you enrol.

Already a Cluey Learning customer? Add another subject or another child and you’ll also get 20% off!

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