Bateau Bay Mini Park was given an upgrade in January 2019. The existing play space was replaced with new equipment, including a basket swing, stepping poles and climbing elements.

Nestled among the trees, the mini-park is the perfect spot for families to while away a few hours. On one side sits the play equipment and on the other is wide open space for kids to run around or kick a ball.

Bateau Bay Mini Park | Image ©Playing in Puddles

The play structure offers lots to climb – a rope structure, two bouldering walls, a climbing wall and stairs. It also boasts a double slide, a chain bridge and sliding poles.

Bateau Bay Mini Park | Image ©Playing in Puddles

Next to the play structure is a swing set (with a bucket baby swing and a regular swing), plus the newly added basket swing. There’s also a fun spring rider, and stepping poles that will tire out your little monkeys.

Bateau Bay Mini Park | Image ©Playing in Puddles

Bateau Bay Mini Park

Age group: The playground equipment is best suited to children aged 2-7.
Fencing: The park is fenced along one side but there is no fencing along Anglers Drive or Cresthaven Avenue. The play equipment is set back from both roads, however.
Facilities: Bike racks. Trees will shade the playground at times throughout the day. The ground cover under the play equipment is soft-fall rubber.
Toilets: None. Cresthaven Shopping Centre is a five-minute walk from the Cresthaven Avenue park entrance.
Parking: Free street parking.
Location: Accessible through a pathway at the end of Anglers Drive, Bateau Bay (next to number 35). The mini park is also accessible from Cresthaven Avenue (opposite number 139).

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This park review – first published in January 2019 – is regularly updated as equipment and facilities are modified. If you’ve visited this park and something has changed, please do let us know by emailing [email protected]