Looking for a playground with equipment that both challenges and retains the interest of kids aged 8+. Well, here it is. With its large bouldering climbing unit and awesome mini pump track, the new district-level play area at Empire Bay totally delivers.

Empire Bay Pump Track | Image ©Playing in Puddles

This area has been purpose-built to appeal to our tweens, teens and youth, and is a great space for young people to burn off some energy.

Empire Bay Bouldering Unit | Image ©Playing in Puddles

The area also includes a multi-purpose court and fitness equipment, so it’s a great space for teens and parents to have some quality active time together.

The pump track can accommodate all ages and skill sets, but if you have young ones, it’s good to keep in mind that some older more experienced kids might be keen to hoon about and your tots might be better off cruising about the tennis courts.

Empire Bay Pump Track | Image ©Playing in Puddles

The day we visited, preschoolers were swinging from the fitness equipment and riding their trikes around the tennis courts, so if you have young children don’t dismiss this as a play area – just be prepared that it may not keep them entertained for long.

Fitness Equipment at Shelly Beach Rd Empire Bay | Image ©Playing in Puddles

Shelly Beach Road park, pump track and bouldering unit, Empire Bay

Shade: Trees shade the pump track.
Groundcover: The ground cover under the climbing unit is mulch; there’s soft-fall rubber under the fitness equipment and surrounding the pump track.
Facilities: BBQs, sheltered picnic tables, toilet, bubbler, fitness equipment.
Fencing: The pump track is fenced off from the car park (as pictured above), but it’s not fully enclosed.
Age group: Best suited to children aged 8+.
Parking: Dedicated car park.
Location: 9 Shelly Beach Road, Empire Bay.

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