If you have a mini ninja warrior who loves to climb, swing and show off their muscles, then this is the park for them. This awesome new playground at Narara has some high monkey bars and a large overhead net that properly challenges little monkeys.

Opened this month, this new playspace has been built with infants kids in mind. It’s a space where they can run, spin, jump and climb without worrying about knocking over toddling toddlers in their excitement.

If you’re looking for a park for younger tots, check out our features on nearby Treeline Close park and Goonak Parade – they’ve been designed for young ones.

Image kindly provided by a Playing in Puddles’ reader

The orange and green climbing frame has a metal climbing frame, a rope wall and a fireman pole. There’s also a steep slippery dip that boots kids off the end. This makes it super fun for older kids, but perhaps a little daunting for young ones.

There’s a group spinner with rope climbs which offers something a little bit different for kids who love to get dizzy. Plus a well-loved group swing.

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Next to the playground are outdoor basketball courts and an oval, which makes this a great space for families who have active kids. Corellas love the area too, so if you have a child who loves native birds it’s a fun place for birdwatching.

Gavenlock Oval park, Narara

Ages: This park is best suited to young primary-school kids and kids who love climbing.
Fenced: No. It’s set back from the road, though.
Groundcover: Wood chip and softfall under areas where kids are more likely to take a tumble.
Facilities: There are public toilets. The toilets were being renovated when we visited, so we’re not sure if they’re always open. There are bins too.
Shade: There isn’t shade over the play equipment.
Parking: Dedicated car park with plenty of spots.
Location: Cnr Adam Street and Rowena Road, Narara.

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