Got a creative kid with flare and energy whose muchness you don’t want to see snuffed out? Get your kids and teens to O’Grady Drama – a fabulous theatre school that’s been running acting classes on the Central Coast for more than 26 years!

Drama classes are of course a great way to nurture your child’s passion for the performing arts, but there are myriad benefits beyond that too.

Drama classes are incredible at building kids’ confidence and self-esteem – both on and off the stage. They help kids develop essential life skills that’ll see them flourish at school and beyond. Think of all the wonderful teaching they get in voice projection, articulation and expression – they’re fantastically valuable tools to help your child improve at public speaking, presenting and, down the track, interviews.

It’s also a space where kids who have a little extra special something – a little natural sparkle or flare – can let their creativity and personality shine. It’s an environment that encourages them to bring that fun to the fore, to show it off and fling it to the world – and we think that’s pretty awesome.

O’Grady Drama has five studios across the Central Coast making it super accessible for everyone! Classes run at Terrigal, Berkeley Vale, Kanwal, Umina and Erina.

PLUS, if you mention Playing in Puddles when you sign up you’ll get 10% off your first term!

Visit to find out more or contact your local Principal, Tim, on 0403 368 517 and come join the fun!

Youth Theatre Classes

Did you know that O’Grady Drama runs classes for teenagers and high-school students as well as for younger kids? The popular Youth Theatre program runs at three Central Coast locations – Terrigal, Berkeley Vale and Kanwal – and complements the high-school drama curriculum, helping teens to further develop their skills in characterisation, speech, improvisation, script work, and directing. Sounds like a complete recipe for fun if you ask us!

There are a tonne of reasons we love these classes and we know you’ll love them too.:
+ Kids learn essential skills to prepare them for life at school AND beyond.
+ Participation in O’Grady Drama classes is a perfect outlet for children to grow and share their creative flare and energy. This is great for our creative kids who sometimes get a little snuffed out in the regular school classroom.
+ Theatre studies stimulate creativity, curiosity and growth mindset.
+ Classes are fun, vibrant, and give teens the opportunity to boost their confidence, social skills and to make a heap of new friends.

Youth Theatre Classes run from 6pm during the school term in Terrigal, Berkeley Vale & Kanwal. Book your spot here!

Central Coast Drama Classes with O'Grady Drama

“When I started at O’Grady Drama, I knew that I would love it. In drama, anything can happen. You could be opening a mystery box one week and traveling through space the next! I’ve made many life-long friends in drama and I intend to continue O’Grady drama lessons for a long time.”

– Aysha

O’Grady Drama Classes Central Coast

When: Classes operate after school and Saturday mornings on the Central Coast.
Where: Terrigal, Berkeley Vale, Kanwal, Umina, and Erina.
Who: Kids in school years 1-12.
Cost: $225 per term – family discounts apply for two or more students attending.
Playing in Puddles Special Offer: Mention Playing in Puddles for 10% off your first term of enrolment!
Phone: Tim Doyle on 0403 368 517.
Creative Kids Voucher Accepted

This feature was created in partnership with O’Grady Drama

Header Image: O’Grady Drama

Central Coast Drama Classes with O'Grady Drama
Image supplied by O’Grady Drama

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