A new production of Mary Poppins the Musical is coming to Sydney Lyric Theatre and we couldn’t be more excited!

Mary Poppins is all about a magical nanny who flies into the Banks’ family home and embarks on a series of fantastical adventures. At its heart, it’s really a story about family and the infinite possibilities that lie within us all.

The musical doesn’t float into Sydney until May 2022, but that just means there’s plenty of time to introduce your little ones to the Mary Poppins world, or get the words (and spelling) to ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ down pat if you’re already a super fan.

Co-creator and producer Cameron Mackintosh says, “Mary Poppins flew into my heart when I first saw the movie and read P. L. Travers’ unforgettable books as a schoolboy. My long-held dream of creating a stage musical out of her work started in Sydney over 25 years ago… So, I am thrilled to be bringing my latest current hit London production of Mary back home to Sydney next year… and finding another stellar cast to spellbind a new generation of theatregoers.”

You can’t grab tickets until August, but you can sign up here to get access to the pre-sale.

Now excuse us while we go listen to the soundtrack on repeat in preparation!

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Header image via Sydney Lyric