UPDATE 1 October 2020: Escape Rooms Central Coast has relocated to The Entrance and are now doing outdoor escape sessions. You can read about their new sessions and new location here

Please note: the write-up below is an outline of a session at their former location.

An Escape Room for kids has just opened on the Central Coast! How cool is that!

Now, let’s start by putting all minds at ease about what an Escape Room is: if you’re visualising scrambling around a dark room trying to find a locked door, you’re wrong. There’s nothing spooky about this experience. The scene is a child’s bedroom complete with toy-lined shelves, a ball pit, car race track, single bed spread with primary coloured doona and – here’s the odd thing – lots and lots of padlocked chests. It’s bright and airy and invokes zero claustrophobia. In fact, it actually just invites the kids to play and explore.

The room is called “Locked Away” and it’s aimed at children aged 8+. I say “+” rather than a top age, as while this room is aimed at kids, us adults were quite stumped by some of the codes too. Escape Rooms Central Coast say it’s for the 8-14 crowd.

The aim of the game is (seemingly) simple: find the lost item – be it a teddy or Game Boy – somewhere within the room. But where is it? It’s not as easy as looking under the bed. The room is packed with puzzles, codes and clues and it’s up to you to crack them. As you work your way through the codes, new clues will be revealed, new keys discovered and finally the teddy will be found.

Our group of detectives included four kids aged 5-10 and two adults and I’m happy to admit that even us adults were quite flabbergasted as to where to start for a good 10 minutes. After lots of false starts and dead-end code cracking attempts our helpful Escape Room master Isaac kindly gave us a clue that got us off on the right track. One staff member is in the room with you throughout the experience – they’re there to offer clues if you get stuck. You can ask for clues or choose to get none – it’s up to you how much assistance your group gets.

Once you crack the first couple of clues, things really start to roll as you suddenly get an idea of what’s required of you.

We don’t want to say too much as that would clearly ruin the experience for any would-be detectives, but we will say this, “DO IT!”.

If you like cracking puzzles, reading detective novels, Rubik’s cubes, coding, Sudoku or anything else that gives your brain a little tease and makes you think outside the box, DO IT. It was fascinating to see how our kids’ brains ticked, how they worked through problems, how they worked together as a team, who took the lead and who was happy to follow. More interesting still was the realisation that even though us adults were in there as “helpers” we were actually not much help at all – we all genuinely had to work through the problems and work together to crack the codes.

This activity is fun. It’s different. It’s challenging. It’s something your whole family can do together and – importantly – equally enjoy. Get there soon and have a blast!

Escape Rooms Central Coast

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