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Fire Station Open Day

May 9, 2018

It’s no secret that kids love fire trucks. They love the lights, the siren (weee orrrr, weee orrrr) and the really large truck with its really large hoses and really large ladders. On Saturday 19 May you can blow their minds by taking them to a real fire station to clamber over real fire trucks and meet real firemen!

Where: Check out our map below for the address of all participating Central Coast fire stations. Please note that Berkeley Vale Station will not be open.

When: Saturday 19 May 2018

Time: 10am to 2pm

This annual event is put on by Fire & Rescue NSW at stations across the state to give residents a little glimpse into our fire and rescue service.

Each station runs its own event, so each is different to the other but some of the fun on offer may include taking a station tour, inspecting firefighting equipment and trucks, watching safety demonstrations, and having a go on the hose.

On a more serious note, you can also take the opportunity to speak to firefighters about fire safety in the home, including how to install and maintain smoke alarms and how to develop a home escape plan.

Please note: if you get to your station and it is closed, it may be responding to an emergency.

We contacted a couple of local stations to find out what they have planned:

Kariong Fire Station will have rescue displays, station tours and kitchen fire simulations. Bernie Cinders will make an appearance (pictured above) and the trucks will be open for kids (and adults) to climb in and “drive”. Plus a sausage sizzle and show bags to give away.

At The Entrance Fire Station kids can have a go on the hose and take a tour of the fire truck. Plus ,a few of the firemen will be on the tongs running a complimentary BBQ.

Terrigal Fire Station will also have the BBQ fired up and trucks open. Kids can dress up in firefighter clothing and have a turn at using the hoses and thermal imaging cameras. There will be show bags, colouring in books, stickers and other goodies to take home. Plus, there will be timed races to see which firefighter is the fastest at getting kitted up, and some unsuspecting adults might get dragged into the race too!

Thank you to all of the firefighters for putting on this fabulous day for everyone, and above all, for the work you do each and every day.

MAP: Click the marker to bring up the fire station name. Click “Get Directions” for the station’s address to pre-populate the “to” field.

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