On occasion, you find somewhere truly special. Belle Movement is that.

When you become a parent, finding a way to exercise can be quite challenging, but Jenna Salvaterra has set up a pilates studio that is determined to change that.

Belle Movement is a pilates and wellness studio in Ettalong that caters specifically to mums and mums-to-be. They run pregnancy classes and postnatal classes, and they have a creche with an on-site nanny!

Creche at Belle Movement | Image ©Sophie Dayley of Sophie Day Photography

In 2020, Belle Movement moved to a new studio – a larger, brighter, purpose-designed space within Ettalong’s The Galleria.

Playing in Puddles visited to check out this new Coastie destination that offers parents a beautiful, calming space to exercise and kids, a lovely space to play.

Our favourite part: there’s a nanny and a creche!

One of our favourite parts about Belle Movement’s new studio is the design of the creche. The creche is separated from the exercise room by vertical panelling. This allows little ones to still see mum (and know she’s there), but gives them a defined, separate space to play; thus allowing mum the opportunity to exercise without constant interruption and distraction. If you have a child with separation anxiety, this space will come as such a blessing.

And because toys often aren’t distraction enough, Belle Movement also has a team of wonderful, experienced nannies on-site – and they’re all first aid- and WWC-qualified. The nannies are there to play with your child, to rock prams and to nurse tired bubs, so that you can have a blissful uninterrupted hour of exercise to yourself. Plus, it ensures that your hour-long class isn’t reduced to a disjointed (and frustrating ) 5 minutes of exercise, 5 minutes doling out snacks to your toddler, 5 minutes trying to lunge with bub on your hip-type affair.

Image ©Sophie Dayley of Sophie Day Photography

The creche is a beautiful, inviting set up: there’s a teepee for quiet reading, a table for colouring in, and mats, mobiles and bouncers for babies. Plus, there’s an entire cupboard of sensory toys that look like they’ve just been unboxed.

The creche is a pay-as-you-go service and it’s just $5 per family (yep, great if you have multiples) or $45 for 10 visits. The creche service is available Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. And again, it’s this fantastic balance that we love: it gives mums the opportunity to train with babies/kids around, and also the chance to attend a class without kids – because sometimes a calm space free of noise rejuvenates as much as the exercise.

There are lots of classes

As a parent, you’re juggling so many things, and finding a time to exercise takes in factors such as kids wake up times, school drop offs, kids classes, baby naps. We get it, and Belle Movement get it too.

That’s why they have more than 50 classes available each week in studio!

There are 12 class types – some take place on the mat, some on the pilates reformer machine, and some are a fusion that offer a little burn, a little strength, a little sweat and a little puff. Each class runs for 35-60 minutes between 6am and 7.30pm Monday-Saturday.

New to pilates: If you’re new to pilates, it can feel a little daunting, and Jenna understands that. That’s why she offers the “Belle Bridging” class – a class that brings you up to speed on pilates’ basics and how to use the reformer machine.

Pregnant? They have two “Belle Glow” classes that have been specifically designed to keep expecting mums mobile and strong during pregnancy.

Have a newborn? “Belle Babies” is a class designed with postnatal recovery in mind. Your precious bub stays in the room with you AND there’s a nanny on site to give you a hand with the rocking, the burping, the settling.

Prefer personal 1-on-1 training? They do that too. You can train in the studio or outdoors.

Free Trial: want to see if Belle Movement’s for you. Contact Jenna to arrange a free trial of any of their Base, Babies or Glow classes.

They’re online too!

Image ©Sophie Dayley of Sophie Day Photography

And because some days it can be difficult to even get out of the house, they have online too.

“Here and Now” is Belle’s on-demand service, which gives you access to their bank of more than 120 classes. And, here’s the extraordinary part, they’re continuing to add at least five new classes per week!

Belle Movement’s beginnings

Image ©Sophie Dayley of Sophie Day Photography

The growth and success of Belle Movement is testament to how right Jenna has this. We met Jenna when she launched Belle Movement in 2018. Back then Jenna was running three pilates classes a week out of the local surf club. But the thing that set her studio apart (and that Playing in Puddles was super excited to share with readers) was that her classes came with toys and a nanny.

Fast forward two short years (and throw in a global pandemic) and Belle Movement has powered from strength to strength. Belle Movement now run more than 50 physical classes each week, have 5 instructors, 3 nannies and more than 120 classes online.

Meet Jenna: founder of Belle Movement, energetic mum and beautiful soul

Image ©Sophie Dayley of Sophie Day Photography

Jenna’s the embodiment of positivity and sunshine. She’s the friend we all wish we had, and if you spend some time with her, you’re guaranteed to walk away smiling – with a little spring in your step.

Jenna is a mum to two young girls and a former elite athlete. Jenna says that, like all women, she’s been many things, “a wanna-be runner, a pregnant mum, a new mum putting the body back together, a toddler chaser, a baby swayer”, but one thing has remained: “how happy and whole” she feels when she’s moving.

“So here I am,” says Jenna. “I’m hoping to share that happiness with as many people as I can by creating awesome and accessible Pilates-inspired classes to women all over the country.”

Image ©Sophie Dayley of Sophie Day Photography

Belle Movement Studio

Location: “The Galleria”, 189 Ocean View Rd, Ettalong Beach.
Phone: 0435 800 079 or 0434 406 308
Email: [email protected]