You want your listing to get results, right? Follow our tips to ensure you’re making the best use of your listing space and turning potential clients into loyal customers.

* You can fill this form out on a smartphone, but it’s far easier on a desktop or laptop.

How do I list my business on Playing in Puddles’ Business Directory?
  1. Click on “List your Business”.
  2. New user? Welcome, we’re very excited to have you join out little community. Click on “New user? Register now.” Enter your name, email and password of your choice in the box named “Sign up now”, then hit “Register now”. If you’ve already signed up, log in using your registered email address and password.
  3. Click on “Add listing”.
  4. From the drop-down menu, choose “Business”.

Select Package

Please select one of our packages.

Businesses – link business

If you’re listed on our Business Directory you can link your event to your business listing. Start typing your name in the box, then select your business name. To make it super fast to enter your event click on “Fill in Business Details”. This will auto-fill your address, phone number, etc.

Manage Franchise 

This is for businesses that have:

a) Classes that run at several locations (e.g, Ready Steady Go is a company that runs sports classes for children in Woy Woy, Charmhaven and Terrigal) OR

b) Multiple classes run by different people available at the same venue (examples include the Conservatorium of Music, The Yoga Collective, etc, where a number of teachers use the same space to host different classes.).

Once you tick the box, you will be given the option to “Lock Franchise Fields”. Lock details such as your phone number, email, website, etc, so that you don’t have to type them in each time you add an extra class/location, etc.

Want to add a new class/location to your business listing? Simply click on one of your business listings and in the right column you’ll see “+ Add Franchise”. Click on this and add your next class/location.

Import Details from Social

If you have a Facebook page, let the computer do some of the heavy lifting for you. Simply copy your URL from your Facebook page (the format should be and paste it in the box labelled “Enter Facebook page/event” and hit “Import details”. This will automatically import details – such as phone number, address, description, etc – from your Facebook page onto your Playing in Puddles listing. Please be sure to double check, of course, that everything has been imported correctly.

Enter Listing Details

  1. Business owner/associate: As you will be managing the listing, please tick yes.
  2. Title: Please list your business name in Title Case.  There’s no need to include Pty Ltd on the end. If you run out of multiple locations, please include the location as well.
  3. Description: Your description can include up to 1000 characters.
  4. Category: Please select an appropriate parent category. If a box appears with the wording “Add listing in category” please select an appropriate sub-category for your listing. If you feel that your business doesn’t fit one of the categories available, please choose one for now (we can modify it later) and then contact Katie (
  5. Website and social media sites: Ensure you include “https://www.” at the start of your URL for all sites.
  6. Admin contact: Please provide the name, job title, phone number and email for the person we are best to contact should we have any queries about your listing (this information will not be published on the website).


If you have signed up to the Quick Event Package or Premium Event Package you will able to enter the URL of a video here. Please ensure the URL includes details such as https://www.

Special Offers

Offers are an excellent way for your business to attract new customers and generate higher sales. They’re also an ideal way for you to gauge how many new enquiries you’re getting as a result of your Playing in Puddles listing. Think about what kind of offer will work best for your business: will readers jump at a free trial? Perhaps they’ll respond best to a discount? Or maybe you could waiver the additional membership or admin fees?

In the text, be sure to include the following information:

  • What the offer is
  • How customers get the offer (e.g. Mention “Playing in Puddles” to get the offer)
  • Any Terms and Conditions (e.g. expiry date, is it valid for existing clients?, etc)


If you have a franchise listing, you can duplicate your image from your main listing by clicking the box in the top right corner.

The old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true. Make sure you post quality images that immediately identify what your business is all about, and that resonate with our readers. A picture of your logo is great, but it’s not particularly emotive and it doesn’t show readers why they should pick your business over the next.

  • Landscape images (rather than portrait) look best in the slideshow.
  • Resize images for web use. Ideally they should be resized to 600 pixels (wide) x 400 pixels (high) and be less than 200kb. If you’ve never resized images before and this all sounds far too confusing, don’t worry: just use Web Resizer – it’s free and very simple to use.
How do I edit my business listing?

Want to make a few changes to your business listing? That’s easy.

  1. Click on “Log in”.
  2. Log in using your registered email address and password. If you can’t remember your password, click on “forgot password?” and your password will be emailed to you (make sure you check your junk folder too).
  3. Click on “My Listings”.
  4. Make your changes and hit “Review your listing”. Voila!


  1. Search for your business in our Directory.
  2. Open your business page.
  3. In the right column there is a box that says, “Edit This Post”. Click on this.

* Please allow seven days for your business details to be reviewed and published. Businesses are listed on the Playing in Puddles website at our discretion.