If you’re looking for something fun to do with your family this weekend, jump in the car and explore the amazing hinterland of Yarramalong Valley. You’ll likely spot alpacas, calves, sheep, and chickens, but the real drawcard this Autumn is the scarecrows!

The Yarramalong Valley Scarecrow Competition is usually held in September but this year, it will be running from Saturday 30 April to Sunday 15 May 2022. To plan your drive or to see what it was like in previous years, read on!

The Yarramalong Valley Scarecrow Competition

The Valley’s annual “Scarecrow Competition” sees a host of fabulous, funny, and creative characters line the streets, and visitors come from far and wide to see these crazy creations scattered throughout Yarramalong Valley.

Many of the scarecrows are often a reflection of the year that’s been, and the entries for 2020 certainly captured the happenings of that year. There were incredible dedications to our amazing health care- and emergency service workers and Coronavirus-inspired masterpieces, as well as traditional scarecrows and popular characters from kids’ shows Bluey and Paw Patrol.

Yarramalong Valley Scarecrow Competition
Yarramalong’s Hero Crows 2020 | Image ©Emma Teni for Playing in Puddles

There is something for everyone to enjoy – no matter your age – and it really is the perfect family activity for those wanting to get out and explore the countryside.

So, we recommend you get your homemade toilet-roll binoculars ready, have the “Dingle Dangle Scarecrow” blaring, and dust off your flippy floppy hat for a day of exploring!

Happy Scarecrow Spotting!

Yarramalong Valley Scarecrow Competition
Yarramalong’s fishing scarecrows 2020 | Image ©Emma Teni for Playing in Puddles

Where can I find them?

Most of the scarecrows can be found along Yarramalong Road. You’ll also find some in some side streets, and these streets have signage letting you know you’ll find more scarecrows if you turn in.

Vote for your favourite scarecrow!

You can vote for your favourite Scarecrow on the Wyong Creek Hall website.

Yarramalong Valley Scarecrow Competition
Mario scarecrows at Yarramalong 2020 | Image ©Emma Teni for Playing in Puddles

How did the Yarramalong Valley Scarecrow Competition Start?

The Scarecrow Competition is part of Yarramalong’s annual Spring Festival. The festival, which began in 2008, aims to bring the community together and introduce visitors to the Coast’s beautiful hinterland. Plus, it allows multiple community groups to raise funds for their causes.

Header Image ©Emma Teni for Playing in Puddles

Yarramalong Valley Scarecrow Competition
Bluey and Bingo get in on the act 2020 | Image ©Emma Teni for Playing in Puddles

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