The newly built playground at Heazlett Park, Avoca opened this week, and it’s covered in shade cloth! Hallelujah!

This is a great location to meet if you’re hoping to appease a crowd. There’s the oval for the teens, playground for the tots, picnic benches and BBQs for organised picnic-goers and cafes for those who like to go with the flow.

The Moduplay play structure includes 3 slippery dips, a wobbly bridge, a crawl tunnel and a rope climb. The ground cover is a combination of mulch and soft-fall rubber.

There are a few elements that make this playground more fun than the stock-standard ones.

The hammock is a drawcard for adults and kids alike. We saw more than a couple of parents loving the opportunity this hammock allowed for them to lie down, shut their eyes and have a mini zzz while their kids happily took charge of the swinging.

The mini basketball court is great for older kids, and someone’s been clever in making the area fenced off to prevent little tots running onto the court and getting bowled over mid lay-up.

For little engineers there’s the chain pulley bucket and sandpit – add a sprinkle of imagination and you have a mini construction zone.

And last but not least there’s the obligatory set of swings and rocker.

If you’re feeling energetic, grab a racket and have a game while the kids play. The tennis courts can be booked out casually here.

Heazlett Park playground
Shade: Shadecloth covers the main play structure. 
Toilets: Public toilets are just 10m from the playground.  
Fencing: None.  
Age group: The playground is best suited to children aged 2-6, but bring a ball and the older kids will have fun on the oval and mini basketball.
Parking: There’s a carpark at the end of Ficus Avenue.
Location: 12 Ficus Ave, Avoca.

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