School photos often leave us groaning. Why after being taken do they take months to come home? Why don’t they show our kids’ personalities? Why don’t we get to see them before we buy them? And why do they cost so much?

So we were super excited to hear about LookPro Photography, a Central Coast photography business that does school photos differently. And by differently, we mean better! Much better.

  • LookPro Photography allows parents to view all their school photos online before they purchase.
  • They take multiple poses of your kids so you can choose the best ones.
  • LookPro guarantees your photos will be delivered within weeks, not months, of them taking them.
  • You order them online – no fussing with cash and forms.
  • For school staff, their system saves around 80% of the work required by most photo companies.

Doesn’t your school deserve a better school photography experience?

We recommend you tell your school P&C, headmaster and school admin about LookPro Photography AND book them in for your 2025 school photoshoots.

FREE SCHOOL PHOTOS!! Parents, if you do connect your school with LookPro Photography and they get a chance to photograph your school, let them know. They’ll provide your family with complimentary photos of your children for the duration of their working relationship with your school!

Scroll down to read more on what makes LookPro Photography unique and fabulous.

LookPro Photography take new-skool school photos!

©LookPro Photography school photos

Ever wondered why your kid’s school photos look exactly like the photos your parents have of you at school? The school photography market in Australia is dominated by a few companies that have been servicing schools for decades, and despite huge advances in – well, everything – they still deliver the same-same school photos and still use pre-paid ordering systems.

“We like to consider ourselves as the disruptors in the school photo space with a system that empowers parents with choice.”

Paul Barkley, LookPro Photography.

See before you buy

With LookPro Photography, parents get to view all of their child’s photos online before they buy them.

Paul Barkley of LookPro Photography says, “Most school photos are stuck in yesteryear with a pre-pay model that devoids parents of choice. You pre-pay for your child’s photos and get a single headshot, without being able to see what you’re purchasing.”

Multiple poses that you can choose from

©LookPro Photography school photos

LookPro Photography also offers a choice of poses.

They capture the traditional front-on headshot as well as a couple of more relaxed poses, such as arms crossed, hands on hips and, if they like, kids can even pull a funny face. This has been a great hit with students and parents, as it really allows the photographer to capture each child’s unique character.

You’ll get your photos quickly

Another bugbear for parents is how long many companies take to get their photos to them. We’ve heard stories of school photos being taken in Term 1 and not being sent out until the last week in Term 3. That’s just nutty, right!

LookPro Photography guarantees that families will have their photos within weeks, not months, of taking them. Yeeha to that.

Once they’ve been loaded online, LookPro allows you to do digital downloads of your photos instantly, so you can share them with friends and family really easily and quickly.

Competitive prices and packages

LookPro Photography’s pricing is just as competitive as other companies, but they actually offer more. They allow parents to mix and match the photo sizes they would like within each package.

Paul says, “We understand the financial difficulties that some people face at the moment and as such our prices haven’t increased for the last 3 years. Our basic pack starts at $29.99 and can be customised to receive different-sized photos.”

You can view all of LookPro Photograpy’s school photo packages here.

Online ordering – easy for parents and staff

With LookPro Photography, all transactions occur online. This makes it easy for parents and super easy for school admin staff and teachers.

Paul says, “We’re told our system saves around 80% of the work normally associated with school photo days. There’s no more chasing forms or collecting envelopes with cash in them. Not to mention school front offices being responsible for other people’s money when collecting. It adds an extra burden on the school when we can handle all transactions online in a modern way”.

They’re doing a Siblings’ Photos + Re-take Day!

Sibling photos

Are you missing a sibling school photo this year? Perhaps your school doesn’t offer them, or you’ve got kids at multiple schools? Well, we have some excellent news for you: LookPro Photography are doing sibling photos at their “Re-take Day” these July school holidays. Can’t get them to wear their school uniform? Never mind, come along and get a great sibling snap regardless.

Re-take day – school pictures to be proud of!

Did you get the print-outs of your school photos and just go, “oh man! These are shockers!” Your kid might have bad hair, food in their teeth, be flashing a kooky smile, be blinking or just looking so very much not like them that it makes you cringe. Come along to LookPro Photography’s one-off re-take day these school holidays and get a school photo snap you and your child are proud of.

Where: Garage Studios, West Gosford.
When: Thursday 18th July 9am-1pm.
Cost: To secure your booking, a $10 non-refundable sitting fee is charged at the time of booking. Packages start at $39.99 + $10 sitting fee.

Does LookPro Photography sound familiar?

There’s a good chance your school’s executive teams may already have heard of LookPro: they’re the current sponsors of the Central Coast NSW Primary Principals’ Association and Primary Executive Leadership Team conferences.

LookPro are also well-known on the local sporting scene, as they’re the go-to photographer for the majority of sports clubs on the Coast.

And guess what? They do school formals too.

©LookPro Photography school photos

LookPro Photography, Central Coast
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