Are you ready to be educationally entertained? Teachers and homeschooling parents, we’ve found a show for you! That Science Gang is bringing flossing dance moves, giant bubbles, exploding balloons and liquid nitrogen clouds to Laycock Street Community Theatre’s stage this May.

The Alphabet of Awesome Science is an award-winning “science theatre” show that educates as much as it entertains. It’s a hilarious performance where unusual words inspire mind-blowing scientific surprises in which things shrink, explode and burst into flames!

Laycock Street Community Theatre has two performances occurring during the school day in term 2 making this fabulous show available to school groups and homeschool families.

Here’s the premise of the show: a duo from That Science Gang introduces kids to 26 quirky words. REAL funny words – such as corybantic and floccinaucinihilipilification – that’ll make kids giggle and have adults reaching for the dictionary. These words (one for each letter of the alphabet) each provide an inspirational starting point for a scientific experiment! The word spumescent will encourage something to froth, erumpent to burst and gumfiate to swell up! What results is an hour of hilarity that’ll expand your kids vocabulary, teach them about cause and effect, and make them go, “wow”!

In a genius twist that kids will also love, this show doesn’t run from A to Z! No, no, no – that’s far too plain-jane and boring. This is a “choose your own adventure” performance, and the audience nominates the order in which the letters, and therefore experiments, occur.

AND, as if that weren’t enough, this is also a race! That Science Gang duo has just 52 minutes to complete their alphabetical, scientific countdown. That’s just 2 minutes per experiment!

All of this makes for a fast-paced, pressure-cooker theatre environment that induces slapstick comedy on the stage and fits of laughter, disbelief, awe and pure joy from the audience. We know you’ll love it.

This fabulous show of educational comedy is coming to the Laycock Street Community Theatre this May, and 75% of tickets are already gone!

So, go on, don’t dilly dally, be an ideopraxist* and grab your seats.

PS. Yep, I stole that word from the show. The Collins Dictionary says Ideopraxist is a noun meaning, “a person who is impelled to carry out an idea”.

Teachers, here are more details for you!

Teachers, this isn’t just a stand-alone excursion. No, no, no. The team at That Science Gang have videos and worksheets available on their website, so your students can expand on this fabulous learning before and after the show.

PLUS The Alphabet of Awesome Science‘s website even provides a table outlining how their show fits with each grade’s school curriculum! How excellent is that!

Want to know more of what this show is about? Check out the clip below and visit their website here.

The Alphabet of Awesome Science
Age recommendation: 5-12 year olds.
Show duration: 60 mins with no interval.
Where: Laycock Street Community Theatre, 5 Laycock Street, Wyoming.
Show times: Tuesday 14 May 2024, 10am and 12.30pm.
Tickets: Adult $25 | Child (2-17 years), $22 | School group $20 | Child under 2 is free on the knee.
Phone: 02 4323 3233
Email: [email protected]
Book the show here.

This feature was created in partnership with Laycock Street Community Theatre and Central Coast Council


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