Ahoy there! If you’re in the mood for a sandy treasure hunt, grab your crew of mini pirates and head north to Caves Beach.

There’s so much to discover here for the whole family. Littlies will love splashing at the beach, while bigger kids can let their imaginations run wild as they challenge themselves to be brave and explore the amazing network of caves lining the shore!

Kids can hit the sand, then venture with you into a series of rugged caves at the water’s edge. Soak in the atmosphere under the cavernous roof of the largest cave, then venture through open passages on its southern side. Here you’ll find smaller caves to explore, rocks to hop over and plenty of wildlife (keep an eye out for crabs in between the rocks!).

It’s easy to imagine shipwrecked pirates hauling their bounty ashore here! There’s lots of ‘treasure’ to find, with a colourful assortment of shells washed up along the shore.

Some of the caves are like corridors – wide enough to allow two to three people to walk next to each other. But other caves are small and require you to get down on your hands and knees to scamper through. These ones require a bit of bravery and most kids absolutely relish the challenge; adults, if you tend to get claustrophobic you, too, will find this section a good challenge.

After you’ve explored the caves, kids will love playing on the beach, which is patrolled from the September school holidays through to April.

There’s a kiosk at the nearby surf club, perfect for a coffee or ice cream, and plenty of shady places to sit.

Visit Caves Beach at Low Tide to see the caves

The beach and caves are a popular spot so our tip is to head up mid week if you can. Make sure you check the tides before you go, as the caves are only accessible at low tide.

Where are the caves at Caves Beach?

To access the caves at Caves Beach there are a couple of options.

There’s a free car park off Caves Beach Road (opposite Bligh Ave). From here, it’s just a short walk down steps to the beach (please note, this way is not accessible).

We recommend you park in the car park on Mawson Close (near the Caves Beach Surf Life Saving Club). There is a heap of facilities here, including toilets, showers, a kiosk, BBQs and picnic tables, and from here there is flat access to the beach. Walk to the sand and head towards the southern end of the beach to find the caves.

Caves Beach

Location: Caves Beach is located on the Swansea peninsula, to the north of the Central Coast. We recommend you park in the car park on Mawson Close (near the Caves Beach Surf Life Saving Club).

Facilities: At the surf club there are BBQs, picnic tables, toilets, showers and a kiosk.

Age: Kids aged 3 and up will be able to explore the caves, with some assistance. Some rocks are slippery and the waves can come up into the caves, so make sure kids are supervised at all times.

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