We’re very excited to share that a soft plastics recycling program is now available across the Central Coast!

We were one of the households taking part in the trial of this recycling program and we are so excited to see it now being rolled out across the Coast.

Here’s how it works: all those soft plastics such as muesli bar wrappers, chip packets, plastic bags, biscuit packets, plastic envelopes, etc can be recycled. For the past few years, we’ve been taking these soft plastics back to our local Coles to be recycled, but now with the help of a Curby bag, you can recycle them in your yellow recycling bin.

All Central Coast residents can opt-in to participate in this free recycling program. Here’s how to get involved:

  • Simply download the Curby App and register before 9 October to participate.
  • You’ll be sent CurbyPacks for the collection of household soft plastics
  • Once you’ve received your packs, you’ll be able to put soft plastics into your yellow lid recycling bin using the provided CurbyBags and CurbyTags.

By participating in the program, you will be helping to divert soft plastics from landfills to instead be recycled into energy, chemicals and new plastics that can be used in multiple industries! WINNING!